Graco SlimFit — The SlimFit is a solid choice for airplane use. At close to 20 pounds, it’s on the heavier side for a travel seat but it installs without too much fuss in all modes upon arrival. It’s a nice option for older children who need a high back booster at their destination — install it in harnessed mode on the plane, then quickly convert it to booster mode upon arrival! The open belt path can sometimes place the airplane’s buckle right behind the child’s back when installed forward facing. Many kiddos find this uncomfortable.

If you plan to bring your infant car seat, an easy solution is to bring a matching stroller that allows you to clip the seat in directly. You can transport the car seat that way around the airport, and if you plan to take taxis at your destination you may opt to bring the car seat around with you since there won’t be much extra hassle. Here are some of the best travel systems that work well for families on the move:
Obviously, the main reason to get this combo is that getting all items in a package is usually much cheaper compared to getting them one by one. Another reason is that it makes getting the baby in and out of the car much easier. You do not have to take them out of the car seat; you can just instead take the car seat out and attach it to the compatible stroller thus avoiding the need to wake the baby up. It definitely makes thing a whole lot more convenient for parents.
This system isn’t cheap, so those with a tight budget may want to look elsewhere. Some parents felt the stroller seat was too small and wouldn’t last through the 50 pound limit. Others felt the stroller was actually TOO lightweight to be sturdy while putting baby in and out. Some felt that the car seat was too difficult to attach and unattach to the stroller. A few felt the wheels and handle were flimsy and felt loose.
A traditional car seat isn’t always the most convenient way to keep your kids safe when you travel. For in-flight use, we like the Cares Harness (tip: for very young kids who might tunnel under the airplane seatbelt, bring along a small piece of grippy shelf liner to sit on). For short car rides, or hopping in and out of taxis, two alternatives that we like and use are the BubbleBum inflatable booster seat and, for kids 30 to 80 pounds, the Ride Safer Travel Vest.
But, of course, just like other baby travel systems available in the market, the Britax B-Agile is not at all perfect. There are many things that still need improvement such as putting in more space in the car seat especially around the shoulder area. The car seat is also much heavier than average making it a chore to carry it around for a long time. Its stroller, however, comes with a lightweight design and is very easy to push around.
It should be noted, however, that this travel system is not meant for jogging. But, it does come with pneumatic tires so it can take on rough terrains quite easily. Plus, the three wheel stroller provides outstanding ease of maneuverability compared to conventional travel system strollers. Parents do not have to worry so much about going downhill because it comes with easy to operate footbrakes on the rear tires. 
However, the deeper seat means that it may take up more space reclined in the rear-facing position than models with a shallower seat, so you might reconsider if you have a very small car (forward-facing this shouldn’t be such an issue). Other inclusions: EPS energy-absorbing foam liner, easy to use LATCH attachments, and 2-position crotch strap for the most secure fit. Rear-facing from birth or 4 lbs. to 40 lbs, forward-facing 20 to 50 lbs. 18″W without cup holder18.5″ D x 26.5″ H. Weighs 12.78 lbs.   Find it online at:

Parents love the infant carrier handle with its easy rubber grip and unique shape. Assembly of the stroller was super easy. An expandable canopy with a mesh window make it a great option for people who live (or travel to) sunnier climates. For older children, there is a removable, washable child tray that many like. The stroller seemed easy to push and maneuver with the swiveling front wheel.
Check out our full review of the latest Ride Safer travel vest, the Delight. It’s now an indispensable piece of travel gear for our family and we’ve been so glad to have it for our year-long trip around the world. The Ride Safer travel vest is truly a game-changer, in that it provides a safe restraint for kids 3 and up (though we feel more comfortable using it for age 4 and up, especially if there’s no top tether and/or parent sitting in back). Note: not for use on airplanes. 
While it seems like most strollers are basically the same, there are a lot of little things that can drastically improve your day-to-day life. A bad stroller will be heavy, tough to fold, won't hold enough stuff, and it'll have wheels that get caught on everything. Having dealt with one of these for over six months with my daughter, I was committed to finding something better.
The Baby Trend Expedition is an inexpensive jogger that is easy to push and turn with pneumatic rubber tires and a locking swivel front wheel. This budget-friendly product is good on uneven terrain, has under seat storage, and the three-wheel design that is easy to turn in tight spaces. With a list price of $150, this jogger is less than half the price of most joggers, proving you can have a nice moving product, that is easy to push, without the sticker shock. This helped the Expedition win a Best Value award in our Jogging Review.
0-6 months is the only time period when it’s pretty darn difficult to bathe your baby in a sink, unless you have two pairs of hands. Babies over 6 months of age who can sit up unassisted can easily be bathed in a sink or regular tub, although some still prefer a proper baby tub whilst traveling. This particular item is low on my list, though I loved traveling with my ducky tub when my kids were smaller.
The Chicco Cortina CX Travel System is a fantastic travel system that also includes the Key Fit 30 infant car seat, which comes with many great features as well - EPS lined shell, single strap LATCH installation, and built in lock offs for the belts. This stroller is quite a bit larger than the Bravo Trio. Stroller unfolded dimensions are 34.3” L x 20.8” W x 44” H. Folded dimensions are 42” L x 21” W x 20” H.
What do we love about this product? For starters, it comes with a one-second, one-hand fold so you can fold and store the stroller (despite dealing with all the weight) with just a single hand. You can freely hold your child with your other hand if that is something you have to do. The stroller also locks in place automatically when folded and can stand on its own, making it very easy to transport and store.